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Wispro Install guide

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System installation


With this tutorial, you can install Wispro and SequreISP as well.

Burn installer

You can burn the ISO into a CD/DVD or into a USB Unit.

To burn the ISO into an USB, download the following software:


and follow this steps:

  1. Insert the USB unit in the computer.
  2. Start Unetbootin.
  3. Select Disk image
  4. Click on Select image file (represented as [...]) and select the ISO file.
  5. Indicate the Type as USB Drive and select the proper unit.
  6. Click on Ok to start the convertion to USB.


Once you have the hardware and the installer ready, you must boot your server with USB or CD.


It's highly important that the BIOS clock is on time, otherwise you may experience some malfunction with the software.

Step 1 - Boot

Once the server has booted up, you'll see the following:


Select Install Wispro Server (or Sequre) and hit ENTER.

Now, the booting process will begin. This may take some minutes.

Step 2 - Language

Once the booting is done, select the language:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese

Step 3 - Welcome

Now you'll see a Welcome message.


Hit Enter in order to continue.

Step 4 - Server's name

The server's name is up to you, if you're gonna have more than one server, don't use the same name.

As an example, we'll use the name server.


Step 5 - Company name

Now, you'll be asked for your Company name.

In this guide, our example name will be example


Step 6 - Hard drives

Now you must select the hard drive (or more than one) where Wispro is going to be installed.

You only need one hard drive to perform the installation, if you select more than one, the system will create a RAID1 with the devices.

You can select the devices using the arrow keys and then hitting the space bar. To continue, press Enter'.



If you're using an USB drive, this may appear as a Hard drive, you must deselect it. It will say removable.

Step 7 - Warning

You'll be warned now, that all content in hard drives will be erased.


Select Yes, I'm sure and hit Enter.

Step 8 - Progress

Now, installation will begin. You will the process and the percentaje of it. This task may take a few minutes.


Step 9 - Ending installation

The system will inform you when the installation is over. You will also see the IP address to access to Wispro web interface.


If you are installing SequreISP, use the following credentials:




Step 10 - Web interface

This is an example of how to access Wispro web interface.


Server has two NICs, and you may not know which one is LAN or WAN, so assign an IP in your computer, and plug it in both NICs and look for the LAN.


You may want to read First steps guide.